The ideas for towel animals were born at sea, aboard some of the worlds most luxurious cruise liners. They were the inspiration of the ships room stewards, who created these little towel creatures to greet their guests when they returned to their staterooms to retire for the evening.

Shipboard guests had an immediate love affair with the little towel animals, but alas, when they picked one up, all they had was an ordinary towel again. The best they could do was settle for a picture. But now there are Towel Pals — 100% cotton, mini terry-cloth replicas of the original towel animals that were created by the room stewards aboard cruise ships.towelpalgroup

Today Towel Pals are available on cruise ships sailing throughout the world. But now you can enjoy these cute, cuddly creatures in the comfort of your home.

They are fun.  They are safe.  And they make great gifts.  For little people and big people alike.

Order a Towel Pal today. Order two. Or better yet, order a whole zoo.